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Freephone:  0800 377 7960 

Sales Hotline:  01708 747440 

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For over thirty years, Brooks Rattan Garden Furniture has been building an exceptional reputation throughout the UK for supplying unique outdoor rattan furniture of outstanding quality, design and value. We have 2 established showrooms in Essex, covering over 28,000 SQ FT space where our products can be seen and tried.

We design, manufacture and import all our own products directly from our partner factories in the Far East to ensure our stock is of premium quality and unique. Our top end rattan ranges include the Serena in mixed grey, the Champagne in mixed grey & cream and mixed chocolate Brown, which are all exclusive to Brooks Rattan Garden Furniture. Each range includes dining sets, corner dining sets, cubes, sofa sets, corner sofa sets and daybeds plus many matching accessories.

Our superior grade hand-woven rattan furniture is manufactured from a maintenance-free premium HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) rattan with rust proof aluminium frames, and the majority of our furniture arrives to you ready to unpack and use and does not require assembly apart from minimum assembly on the dining tables. We are not to be confused with competitors’ and high street stores who deliver inferior flat-packed plastic furniture and use lower grade nylon fabric with much thinner foam to save on the cost, providing much shorter guarantee periods. We go that extra mile to find the best quality rattan garden furniture at great prices for our customers.

We hope you enjoy shopping our collections and trust you will find the perfect product for your own outside or inside space. Place an order today, receive a free* and fast delivery and take the first step towards transforming the way you use your garden, patio, balcony or conservatory.





















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The Secret of Rattan Garden Furniture

A British home is said not to be complete without a garden or a patio and one way to make a living space out of your outdoor space is to furnish it with rattan garden furniture. Rattan furniture is very attractive, versatile, durable and can be used in all weather. This has made it a popular choice of outdoor decor for many people all over the world. Most British garden owner yearns for a rattan garden furniture in their outdoor space. They come in a variety of styles, colours, shapes and sizes of dining sets, sofa sets, corner dining sets, corner sofa sets, cube sets, bistro sets, loungers, day beds, round, square or rectangular tables, chairs, stools, planters, storage boxes etc. You can also come up with your own design and style and it will be custom made for your exclusive unique taste and style.

The best part is that you can use rattan furniture anywhere whether indoors like in your living room, dining room, conservatory; or in your outdoors like your garden, patio, pool side, camping sites etc. They instantly add beauty and style to your decor where ever you use them. There are different make of rattan furniture in the market, both cheap and inferior sets and good quality rattan. What then is the secret to buying a stylish and high quality piece of Rattan Garden Furniture that will be a good value for your money?

Let’s unearth them all through this write-up.


The intricate weave pattern over rust proof aluminium frames make for a beautiful look besides adding life to the furniture. Manufactured from high quality HDPE (High Density Polyurethane), rattan chairs are bundled with thick cushions for extra comfort. To add more, you can remove these seat cushions and give them a quick wash; they are all weather proof and flame retardant to the British Safety Standards.


If you think the size of your outdoors space can mar your outdoor decor plans, have a look at the space saving and stylish corner sofa sets that can easily slip into a small patio. If the rattan corner sofa is not your taste, take a look at the cube set that comes with storage so that you can fold the chairs when not in use. Move them outdoors by accommodating a parasol in middle of your very sturdy tampered glass top table and enjoy alfresco lunches with friends and family. They even go with any decor; be it contemporary, modern or traditional.

Weightless almost

Nobody is going to appreciate heavy and bulky furniture pieces that require two or three people to move. In fact, you just need to give a slight push to the rattan furniture and you can take them anywhere. This offers you the flexibility to change the decor as and when you feel like. However, there is no question on the sturdiness of the furniture as it braces all the harsh weather conditions and still keeps shining all year round. At Brooks Rattan Garden Furniture, we offer a 10year all weather guarantee on all the rattan outdoor garden furniture and what more; all our customers enjoys free shipping too on most items. 

The ease of maintenance

Rattan furniture are very easy to maintain. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and the shine is back. If you have left your rattan furniture for too long before you clean it, a gentle splash of water from a hose pipe would do wonders. Or you can even use a warm water and a mild detergent to wipe it and its shine will be restored. But avoid hard scrubing to mininmised the chances of impacting the shine. 

It’s eco friendly!

Unlike other furniture, that have been polish which releases toxic fumes and chemicals into the atmosphere, synthetic rattan garden furniture has no such chemicals. It is obtained from HDPE, which is totally eco friendly and no chemical process is involved during manufacturing. The expert artisans employ traditional weaving techniques to add to the beauty and enhance the life of the furniture.

Variable colours

Rattan furniture comes in numerous colour shades ranging from the natural colours to the more elegant modern colours. You can get them in white tones, grey tones apart from the natural hued brown or beige. If however, you particularly like the natural hues, you can complement them with colourful scatters cushions and throws pillows that are easily available and you can keep changing them to give a new look to your recreational space.

Immense style options

Forget about the space limitations, you now get rattan garden furniture in different shapes and styles. Ranging from two seater or 16 seater sofa set. Rattan furniture is so flexible that you get them in modular sizes and shapes.

Whatever your  choice of rattan furniture, round, cube, or rectangle? We are sure that at Brooks Rattan Garden Furniture, you are surely going to find your dream furniture from our extensive range.

Make your pick from cube sets, footstools, dining sets, day beds, sofa sets, sectional sofas, corner sets; the list is just endless. Today you can even find rattan storage boxes and planters all with the same sturdiness and style.

So, it is time now to look for your furniture piece and bring home the very stylish and functional rattan garden furniture. What you gain is not just a beautiful furniture for your space, but a lifelong friend that will always earn you praises from your friends and family and in return do not demand anything besides simple cleaning.

We at Brooks Rattan Garden Furniture pay attention to every small detail during the manufacturing process and come up with the best price promise for our customers. Every furniture piece at Brooks undergoes a 16 point quality control check so that you receive only the best. Unmatched quality promise for we only employ the best HDPE and weave them with traditional hand weaving techniques to add that old world charm and still maintain the essence of the modern trends. Shop with Brooks Rattan Garden Furniture for the most beautiful, functional, versatile, stylish and elegant rattan outdoor garden furniture at an unbeatable price and unmatched after sales customer service.

Things to Consider Before Buying Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan furniture has increasingly become a very popular choice for homeowners and garden enthusiast. They are very good looking, stylish, comfortable and yet sturdy piece of outdoors and indoors furniture. It is no surprise that it tops the list of the homeowners looking to deck up their leisure space with the best. There are a few essentials to consider before buying rattan garden furniture.  

A very big question that most people often ask is whether to buy natural or synthetic rattan fiurniture?

Natural rattan was an obvious pick for years but synthetic rattan furniture has increasily become the best choice of outdoorsgarden furniture for many obvious reasons. Synthetic rattan furniture is made from high quality HDPE (high density polyethylene) rattan, that can withstand any harsh weather conditions. They are UV resistant so that the color does not fade neither do they rot under harsh weather. They are also easy to maintain as you can just clean them with a soft damp cloth or give it a quick wash with a garden hose pipe.

Do not miss out on the frames

A solid frame which is sturdy is the key when choosing rattan furniture. Non corroding material like aluminium is the best choice. Aluminium will bravely brace all weather conditions and still stand strong. Most manufacturers offer powder coated rust proof aluminium frames, which are quite sturdy and even look awesome. Avoid cheap rattan furniture with steel frams as this will rust under weather in no time.


It is always advisable to measure your space first before chosing the right rattan garden furniture especially if you have a limited space like patios or conservatories. If you are limited on space, you might want to consider a cube sets or a corner sofa set that are space saving and some of them also come come with storage options. When space is nat a problem to you, have a look at the dining sets, the corner dining sets or the sofa sets. 

Comfort – Yes it is important

Ensure you pay attention to the cushions. Why inspect only the weave pattern and pay no attention to the upholstery? After all you are going to sit on the furniture, so it is very important that accompanying cushions are comfortable. Most rattan furniture manufacturers bring colourful, shower proof and machine washable cushions that are fire retardant to the UK safety standards. Avoid very thin cushion foam as they can be made from cheap shoddy material and lose their spring in no time.

Look for deals both online and in store

Furniture sales adverts, promotions and sales are a common sight for furniture retailers round the year, but finding a real steal means searching through hundreds of items. Look for deals online and in-store and then make a purchase. Also, if free shipping is available, that is another freebie. We at Brooks Rattan Garden Furniture give you the best price guarantee and free shipping for orders over £299 without a compromise on the quality of the products that we deliver to you.

UV resistance

Rattan garden furniture are designed to stay outdoors braving the extreme heat. UV resistance gives a respite to home owners that the product would remain fine. 

Look for other accessories

Matching accessories like parasol, rattan storages, rattan lazy susans, rattan planters, rain or cushion covers  will add to the comfort and look of your rattan garden furniture. Yes they also add a bit to the budget, however, if you live in a place where the sun shines very bright, a parasol will simply add to the comfort and you could enjoy frequent lunches with your friends and family.

Styles and colors

Rattan garden furniture comes in different sizes, shapes and colours; the dining sets come in square, round, oval or in rectangular shapes. Also you get them in cube sets, sectional/modular sofas, daybeds or sun loungers? You can also pick from a variety of colors like the natural hues brown or beige rattan, black, grey or mixed grey and white rattan colours. If you want to keep the decor more colourful, you can add colourful scattered cushions which can be changed at any time to get a new look every time.

These are points worth paying attention to help you pick the best rattan garden furniture for your recreational space that fits in your budget too. 

At Brooks Rattan Garden Furniture, we offer only HDPE quality rattan garden furniture, weaved using traditional weaving methods by expert artisans upon powder coated aluminium frames for added longevity. Our promise of best price and free shipping on all orders over £299 is to help you in you decision to go for a rattan garden furniture set.

The In and Out of Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan garden furniture offers homeowners modern and chic decor solutions to their outdoor or even indoor spaces. This post gives you further insight into all those aspects of rattan garden furniture every home owner must know before investing in rattan garden furniture.

Synthetic Rattan Vs Natural Rattan

Natural rattan is made from rare species palm found mostly in the Asian continent and parts of Oceania. They look extremely beautiful but comes very expensive due to the time and process of producing it. Moreover natural rattan needs contant extra care to keep their looks as they wear away quickly. Synthetic rattan on the other hand, is manufactured from a man-made high quality HDPE rasin which is more durable and affordable too. In simpler terms, natural rattan is made from naturally grown material while synthetic rattan is made from a refined and specially treated man-made materials. This enable manufacturations of synthetic rattan to add different colours and styles. Synthetic rattan offers manufacturers and consumers alike immense options compared to the hues of natural rattan.

How Rattan furniture is constructed?

Synthetic Rattan has a beautiful property that enables it take any shape without losing its flexibility even after many years of use. It does not bend or warp but just keeps shining always. Among the various materials used in manufacturing synthetic rattan furniture, Polyethylene/Polyethene or Polyolefin are the most popular plastics in the world and it is probably the polymer you see most in daily life. It is a thermoplastic resin, which means it is recyclable, firm, closed-cell polymer providing more sturdy rigidity. It replicates the look and feel of natural rattan, but is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. We would even go as far as to say that synthetic rattan garden sets are more durable than the natural rattan sets.

How to choose the best Rattan furniture?

Here is a checklist that will come handy whenever you are looking for a rattan garden furniture set for your outdoor recreational space.

UV resistance – since your furniture is going to be outdoors, so UV resistance is important otherwise the furniture will start to wear off in no time.

Choose cushions wisely – Cushions that have thick pads and not thin ones should be chosen for comfortable sitting. Moreover thin cushions would not last even a year, thus increasing your expenses. Also look for fire repellent cushion and they must be shower proof as well, today manufacturers have gone a step ahead and offering awesome colour combinations that you can mix and match and give a new look to the entire decor. Moreover, you can give the cushion covers a quick wash in machine using mild detergent.

Eco friendly – PE or HDPE are the best quality rattan for they do not involve the use of any chemicals or release fumes during manufacturing process, so they are eco friendly. You can recycle them and put to use for other things. What’s more they are more durable than the PVC and even bacteria and resistant too.

Cheaper is not the best option always – PVC rattan is obviously cheaper but this doesn’t make it the best. PE or HDPE rattan comes at a price but is true value for money.

Strong Frames – As it is about outdoors, go for powder coated aluminium frames that do not rust even in extreme weather conditions. HDPE manufactured rattan outdoor garden furniture mostly comes with aluminium frames.

Accessories – There are many manufacturers who offer accessories like parasol, storage boxes all at negligible or for free whenever you buy from them. Do check for these offers and discounts for they will not remain forever.

The color and style

Is your patio or garden space big enough to accommodate an eight seater sofa or is it a cube sofa that it can accommodate? The styles in which the rattan outdoor garden furniture is available today are immense. From sectional sofas, day beds, loungers, dining sets, footstools all are available and that too in varied hues and tones. If however, you want to pick in natural black, you can add color to the setting with some beautiful throws that will instantly enhance the beauty of the entire setting.

Last but not the least, measure the space you have. Any furniture would lose its meaning if it does not fit in the space it was chosen for.

How to maintain rattan garden furniture?

This versatile and very stylish furniture piece is very low on maintenance too. Some mild dishwashing liquid, a bowl of lukewarm water, a soft damp cloth and a soft brush is all what you need to clean and remove any stain or dirt from the furniture.

You can even make use of hose pipe to clear the dirt from extreme bends. However, do keep in mind not to scrub harshly as it may damage the finish.

So, these were some tips and tricks to choose your rattan garden furniture and maintain it effortlessly. Yes, one very important point is not to forget about sales and offer, which are very lucrative. Who knows you get your favourite pick in your budget.

At Brooks, we offer a best price promise along with free shipping. Every product delivered to the customer undergoes 16 point quality check to ensure that only the best piece reaches the customer.

If now you have made mind, it is time to look for your rattan garden furniture and bring it home to chill out, relax and enjoy with the family, friends or with you.

Types of Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan garden furniture is available in plethora of styles, types, colors and sizes these days. You ask for it and you will find it. Yes, definitely you will have to research a bit but you will get it and that too at your price as there are great deals on rattan garden furniture available both online and in most retail stores.

If you want to get that wow look for your garden space or patio, rattan garden furniture is definitely a great option. These days, the synthetic rattan which is manufactured from PE or HDPE is in great demand as it offers immense benefits over the natural rattan. Unlike natural rattan, which will wear out after some time, rattan garden furniture made from HDPE rattan stays for very long and it low on maintenance.

The different types of rattan garden furniture available today are:

Depending on seating

If you are a nuclear family or do not have frequent visitors, a cube or square rattan sofa or dining set would be fine. However, if you live in a joint family or get friends and family over weekend, why not go for an eight seater or 10 seater sofa set that can accommodate all and you need not arrange for chairs or other furniture pieces.

Depending on your space

If you are looking to deck up your small patio or garden, they getting rattan furniture which takes up all space will instead mar the look rather than adding to the aesthetics. So, it is advisable that you measure the space before buying out the furniture. Manufacturers have options right from small to large furniture options. Go and check out all.

Depending on the material

Well, natural is natural and synthetic is synthetic. But when you get all what you get in natural in synthetic also along with loads of benefits and price benefit, choice should be synthetic rattan furniture.

Natural rattan is a type of long wine grown in places with tropical climate and is so flexible and strong that you can mould them into any shape and is so an obvious choice for making furniture. An edge over wooden furniture, natural rattan can withstand almost all the harsh weather conditions. So, why synthetic rattan?

Synthetic rattan furniture is manufactured from HDPE and barbed over corrosion proof aluminium frames. HDPE is extremely malleable and it is available in variety of shades. Moreover, you get the strength of natural rattan too. Even maintenance is low cost and easy. You simply need warm water and mild detergent to wipe off the dust.

Another big advantage is that synthetic rattan furniture is comparatively lower in price than natural rattan. So, picking them for your recreational space is a wise choice. At Brooks, we only employ high quality rattan and then our expert artisans craft beautiful rattan garden furniture using the traditional weaving techniques. We also offer our customers the best price guarantee and all our products come with 10 year all weather guarantee making it the best deal for them.

When you buy rattan outdoor garden furniture, there are any ways to style up the space. You can go with either natural hues of the furniture or can even go for white, black or grey tones. If your pick is natural or tan brown, you can colour it up with throws and scatters.

Today, the cushions come with removable covers and they are shower and fire proof. Leave the cushions out on rainy night or during snowfall. They will not lose sheen. If you feel that they have accumulated dirt, just remove them and wash in machine on mild settings. While picking cushions, go for ones that are thick padded for they will stay for long.

Accessories are another aspect that one should look for. If your outdoors receive too much harsh sun rays, a parasol in the middle of tampered glass top will make sense. However, make sure that the table top is sturdy and the hole in the middle is also big enough that the parasol can fit in easily.

Today, the manufacturers are also offering rattan garden furniture with storage options and you can also fold it and pack when the furniture is not in use preferable during winter months. So, all in all the rattan garden furniture today comes in variety of styles, colors and is loaded with all the awesome features and all that in your price.

Whenever you are looking to buy rattan furniture, it is advisable that you read the reviews for not only the furniture but the manufacturer also. You can buy both from online or in store but do not miss out on the special offers and discounts that come from time to time.

At Brooks, we keep coming up with regular offers, but there is no compromise on the quality at any cost. You can count on us for the latest in styles in rattan garden furniture and the best price guarantee.

Choosing right rattan garden furniture for your garden

Why this summer and not every summer when you want to bask under the sun alone or throw lunch parties for family and friends? Just imagine you are sitting comfortable with your partner in crime and reliving the old memories or just chill out with new colleagues after a hectic day at work. If reading this excites you, then bring in rattan garden furniture and soak up in the summer sun chilling out.

If you want to make the most of your recreational space outdoors, it is better to invest in rattan furniture which is in vogue, stylish and highly functional. However, with so many options around, it is confusing as well. Let us try to understand what all goes into selecting that perfect rattan outdoor garden furniture.

Choose the product

You should be clear with what you plan to buy for your recreational space. This will also involve measuring your space, considering your budget. You will find cube sofa sets, loungers, day beds; so it is better that you decide what to buy. If it is going to be a cosy reading nook or you want to entertain guests, decide upon and then make your selection.

Measuring the space is important for there have been instances where people bought a dining set on impulse or because it was available on huge discount wither online or their local store. However, later did they find that it was too big for their outdoor space? You would not want the same thing happen to you.

Choose the style

For some it is the edgy furniture that attracts them, while for some it is the round or oval that comes in their pick up list. What’s your style? Your furniture says a lot about you. With so many style options around, you can choose as per your liking and then make it the part of your outdoor space.

With style, so many color options also come along. You can pick from natural hues or the very bright white tone or can even go for black or grey. Make sure that the colours you pick go with the rest of the outdoor setting. if natural setting is on your minds, go for natural hues and complement it with colourful throws. To match with your home’s exterior well you can pick accordingly.

Choose the accessories

Is it only the furniture that will get you the complete look? Accentuate them with the right accessories and see the magic. You can pick a parasol that can fit in easily in the middle of the table top and get respite from the scorching summers. Outdoor heaters, thick padded cushions are some popular accessories you can ask for while picking rattan furniture.

Well, do keep in mind that the outdoor furniture is no less than the furniture you buy for indoors. In fact, they make a statement so choose them wisely. When you are buying for outdoors, it is not only looks that matter, but the furniture should be able to brace everything the weather throws at it. It should keep looking good and stand strong for years to come.

Investing in outdoor furniture is a big decision. It is therefore important that you do your homework prior to making a buying decision. Go online, research and not just limit yourself to the options that you get in your local furniture store. Today, the manufacturers offer free shipping and so why not choose only the best and not compromise.

It is not just about just one summer season but if you can pick furniture that can stay all through the year and that too without any worries, isn’t it a smart choice. Rattan garden furniture is not only high on style but can bravely brace all the harsh weather conditions and still stand strong. You can wash it, remove the cushions, move it for new setting and do just anything and still get the same feel after years of use.

At Brooks, we have been offering our customers all styles and color options in rattan outdoor garden furniture at guaranteed best price with strictly no compromise on the quality. Our every product is hand woven employing traditional weaving techniques by expert artisans over rust proof aluminium frames. Every product before being available for public preview undergoes 16 point quality check to ensure that only the best goes out to every customer.

Our entire rattan garden furniture range is UV resistant so you can leave them outdoors without any worries. Moreover the cushions come with extra thick padding for added comfort and luxurious look. You can remove the cushion covers as per convenience and they are shower and fire proof too.

So, it is time now to take the plunge and pick your outdoor furniture that matches your style and suits your wallet too. Do not forget to look for discount and special offers when you check online. Read on the expert views about furniture and even about the store from where you are planning to buy.

Rattan furniture is sturdy, stylish and brings a new life to any recreational space you want to bring them in for. So, bring them in and gift you and your patio or outdoors a cosy or lively nook to chill and soak.

How to decorate your garden with rattan garden furniture?

Rattan is very popular furniture among British homeowners for many decades. Seeing the immense popularity even the manufacturers regularly come up with different style and color options. Homeowners who look forward to deck up their outdoor recreational space with rattan garden furniture are fully aware of the various benefits this style of furniture offers.

Just imagine you basking under the summer sun with friends and family on lunch and wine and enjoying some care free moments. These special moments are not easy to come by for we all are so busy with our schedules. However, you can celebrate this big way these summers if you bring in the very luxurious and comfortable rattan garden furniture outdoors.

Rattan garden furniture is an apt synonym for beauty with brains. Not only it looks picture perfect but has got all the right mix like sturdy make, UV resistant, maintenance free, weather proof, comfortable and luxurious – what else can one ask for?

So, now when sun is over our heads and it is time for friends and families, there is no better way than bringing rattan outdoor garden furniture and make memories stay and count forever. No matter whether you have a landscaped garden or a small patio, the ideas, inspiration and the varied styles in rattan furniture that range from modular cube sets to dining sets, you can keep calling friends and family over and over again.

The manufacturers today offer not just rattan furniture that you can keep just outdoors, but you can well bring them indoors and create that special magic. This all season rattan garden furniture uses the best quality HDPE and you can never make out the difference between it and the natural rattan. Intricately hand woven over corrosion proof aluminium frames by skilled artisans not only lends aesthetic appeal but longevity too creating garden furniture with no rivals.

The waterproof and fire proof thick padded cushions are simply a boon when you have limited color options in the hues. You can keep them outdoors all spring, summers, winters and they will retain their shine all through. So, no more headache of bringing them in or storing them during rains or when weather changes. These cushions are also spill proof and it is just a simple wipe that will clear off the stains. The cushions covers are easily removable and you can even wash them in machine using mild detergent.

For a country side decor, you can pick the natural beige or even the whiter tones in dining sets and then complement them with neutral tone cushions. If it is the Mother Nature ambience that you want to achieve, why not go for a natural brown sofa or dining set and then put around colourful scatters. Today, blacks, browns, whites and even grey combinations are possible all thanks to the coming of HDPE rattan, today one can look for varied color and style options.

Space saving, today the manufacturers offer rattan furniture you can fold and pack when not in use. But why pack it when you can leave them exposed to just any weather conditions without any worries. Why keep the alfresco lunches limited to summers and why not all the year round? You can accessorize with a parasol at the middle of the table top. Change the cushion covers periodically to change the look.

There is so much one can do with rattan furniture to make the most out of it. It might sound untrue, but it is so easy to move the furniture, just a simple push will do the trick. So, change the settings as and when required and that too all by yourself without anyone’s help.

Add a rug to complete the look and achieve the effect. You can either opt for a monochrome look or try to achieve a playful. After all, it is your space and it should reflect your personality.

This is a low cost maintenance free proposition in which home owners must indulge in. Moreover, when sales and discounts are available both online and in-store, why step back? Coming back to low maintenance, you only need a soft damp cloth, mild detergent mixture in lukewarm water or even a garden hose pipe is sufficient to clear off any dirt from the furniture. Unlike natural rattan, the HDPE rattan is mold resistant. So no worries of bacterial growth or decaying of the material! It is there safe and sturdy just adding jewels in your recreational space.

You can look for cube sofa sets or even go for only chairs if you are low on space. Well, if you have a big family and meet up frequently a rectangular dining set would be the apt choice. If it is going to be only you and your partner, why not look for day beds which offer the same luxury plus you can even catch a small nap during day time or even do some reading.

It is however, important that you take care of certain points like measuring the space before making a buying decision. Be clear with the style, color, accessories’ and top of all, your budget. At Brooks, we offer to all our customers’ free shipping facility and the best price promise. Our entire range of rattan outdoor garden furniture is covered under 10 year weather proof guarantee. Every product undergoes a 16 point strict quality control check to ensure that the product is ready to be delivered and shipped to the customers.