Rattan daybeds are without doubt some of the most beautiful stylish garden furniture piece that can enhance any functional space. Wherever you place it, you will notice the elegance it brings to your space as it immediately creates a unique and alluring focal point in your space. It invites you to sit or lie down and share the story of relaxation. Below are 10 functional secrets why daybeds are such a huge favourite for leisure seekers.

1. Aesthetic appeal
Rattan daybeds without a doubt have an additional charm that is not found in most other garden furniture. They are available in a wealth of styles, shapes, designs and colours, and they give your space a highly elegant and sophisticated look. Rather than the type of rattan used, the aesthetic appeal of the daybed is influenced by the designs. It is important to mention, however, that the quality of the rattan used and the quality of weaving have a major influence on the overall beauty of the furniture as well. At Brooks Rattan, we use premium HDPE (High Density Polyurethane) for our daybed.

2. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
One of the secrets of rattan daybeds is that they can be used in any indoor or outdoor space. They immediately transform your space into a delightful relaxing hub so that when the weather is inviting, you are out in your daybed snugging it. And when the weather becomes unfavourable, just take your daybed inside if you have the space and your pleasure continues.

3. Flexible layouts & uses designs
Daybeds are now cleverly designed to serve as a perfect self-snug ‘me-time’ outdoor hide away. But they can be easily transformed into a comfy sofa set with enough seating space for up to eight people, offering enough space for all your family and friends. The modular designs allow you to have various configurations in one set. Some designs include swivel coffee table, footstools, cushion storage or cooling drink storage. You can position the pieces to suit your occasion enabling you to sunbathe or entertain friends.

4. Eco-friendly rattan
Synthetic rattan daybeds are made from environmentally friendly polyethylene, which are non-toxic and 100% recyclable fibres. So you can have a pleasurable relaxation in your daybed knowing you are not causing any harm to the environment.

5. Minimum care and maintenance
In theory, synthetic rattan daybeds requires virtually no care other than routine cleaning with mild soapy water and your daybed retails its new looks. This is with the understanding that your daybed is made from a high quality HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) all-weather rattan.

6. Multipurpose uses
Daybeds have multiple uses, they can be used for sitting, sleeping or for dining, its your choice!

7. An all weather product
Daybeds made from quality synthetic rattan can easily be left outdoors all year round and it will remain just as beautiful, strong and durable.

8. A popular option in kids rooms
Daybeds are becoming more and more a hit with childs bedrooms. It provides them with a sense of outdoors playground fun experience and carefree sleeping hub.

9. Outdoor privacy
Daybeds are designed to create a sense of outdoor privacy while you relax and connect with nature in your outdoor space and a sense of carefree alfresco when used indoors. When you need that privacy in your outdoor space, simply draw the cottons and you are all alone.

10 Retractable canopy or roof cover
Most rattan daybeds are designed with in-built retractable canopy or roof cover to provide you with shade from the sun and the cover can be lower to enjoy some lazy days in the sun. 

If you’re looking for a stylish daybed to spice up your outdoor or indoor space, look no further. Brooks Rattan stock a selection of durable daybeds in a variety of configurations. Our daybeds are constructed from durable hard-wearing, weather-resistant materials to ensure they can withstand the UK weather conditions and are available with or without a canopy. Our premium options are sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.