Rattan outdoor furniture is very durable, long lasting and weather proof, all thanks to the coming of the synthetic rattan made from high quality HDPE. Winter, summer, and spring – the rattan furniture stays new forever, bravely facing the vagaries of nature. However, a little care during winters can further keep it pristine and fresh thus enhancing the life further. So, here is a rundown of all those tips that you can try to enhance the longevity of your rattan outdoor furniture.

Buy covers:
At Brooks Rattan we offer a selection of covers for your rattan furniture. We make dedicated covers for each furniture piece and even offer one standard cover for the entire set. The choice is entirely yours. However, what you should do additionally is to keep a broom through the parasol hole to shed off the extra water that falls over.

Remove the cushions:
Cushions are great during the summers however come winter you are no longer going to use them as much, it is time to start removing them as mould can eventually damage them. The key is to store them properly in an area away from winter elements.

Clean the rattan outdoor furniture properly before storing:
After heavy summer use, you must be noticing dust, dirt and food stains on your furniture. It is recommended to clean them properly else these elements will damage the beautiful rattan both internally and externally. Use water and mild detergent and then wipe off with a soft cloth as a hard cloth may leave some stains or scratches.

Oil your furniture:
Over the summer and the spring months, you must have put your rattan furniture to good use. It is time now for a little oiling as it will keep the dampness at bay which is so easy to creep in during the wintery months. Apply tung oil with a cloth and keep it safe for the next season.

Keeping your rattan outdoor furniture sealed, secured and properly covered away from the winter elements will ensure that the garden furniture stays sturdy and strong for long and ready for the next season. At Brooks Rattan Garden Furniture, each piece of furniture goes through multiple quality checks to ensure that only the best reaches the customer. It is specially hand woven by expert artisans employing traditional weaving methods. Moreover, only the highest quality of HDPE rattan is chosen to manufacture garden furniture.